Paving Sealer

Any kind of paving surface can benefit from high quality paving sealers being applied.

For block paving the sealer will solidify the jointing sand inhibiting growth, enhance the natural colours, protect from ultra violet light and oil stains. 

The paving sealer will waterproof all forms of paving and restrict the growth of algae and lichen. It will also protect the surface from oil stains, grease, grime and dirt and keep general maintenance to a minimum.

With pattern imprinted concrete regular treatments of sealer will keep the surface looking as good as new, protect the colour, inhibit staining and eliminate moss and algae.

To find out more about how paving sealents can benefit your driveway or patio click here or call 0800 988 0348 for more information.

Paving Sealer image
Paving Sealer image
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